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You give up a great part of your profit placing a result of your work to the alien`s hands. And this profit might be yours. You may increase you profit acting without mediator and rid of necessity to find somebody to take your product to the market.

We offer you to create you personal electronic catalogue on our Site, all necessary tools for its promotion as a separate Site as well within the limits of our system. It will increase your success chances.


 About company

Company „ Multi-catalogue“ presents a new International commercial Site, created to assist the authors and manufacturers to find  its clients without any mediators.

For the time being the Site „multi-catalogue“ presents you a possibility to use information area with opportunity to display both as full commercial catalogues and a separate categories of goods. As well there is an opportunity to place a reference to your own Site instead of the catalogue in purpose to increase a group of clients.

For the time being possibility to place any commodities or cervices in the catalogue available only by way of Application.

Our tasks

- to assist to any authors
and manufacturers to find his client

to help you to earn in our System and to avoid any need in mediators

to present you ability to keep maximum information about you in one place

To create maximum tools for you to promote your commodities and cervices

To assist people to find even very unique commodities in space of one system