+370 640 53 344




+370 640 53 344




+ Free accommodation

Professionals we are looking for




Salary: around 1000 USD /month




Salary: around 800 USD /month




Salary: around 600 USD /month
cushioned furniture, panel furniture)

Working conditions

Employer Company provides: Working clothes
All factories are modern, well equipped and safe


Free accommodation

Еmployee do not need to pay rent, do not need to pay water or electricity bills.

All Accommodation expenses are covered by Employer Company.

Employees are accommodated in separate good living condition standard 2-3 bedrooms apartments.

Sleeping 2-4 persons in the room.

Shower, toilet, kitchen and refrigerator are shared.


All applicants must provide CV.

Аt least 2 years work experience.

Work experience and education proving documents.

Knowledge of English language is a mandatory condition.

Travel expences

Employee have to cover travel to Poland and trip from airport to the Employer office expenses by himself.

Employee must have 400-500 USD with him for the first week of living in Poland.

First part salary employee will receive after one week after starting working.

Partners are welcome

About us

Our Company is stable working production and outsourcing company.

Employing more than 500 foreign labor employees in Poland and getting bigger every year.

Employer Company clients are biggest Polish furniture
factories, sea port, shipyards and textile companies.


All salaries are indicated for professional specialists!
If employees are not skilled enough they can be shifted to assistant position salary can be lowered by 15 to 20%.

Typically working week have 6 working days around 250 working hours monthly. Sundays are day free.
Employer Company provides: working clothes
All factories are modern, well equipped and safe


+370 640 53 344

saskaitos@lifetest.lt, vitalijus@lifetest.lt
Poland, Gdansk